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This Guy Has Turned His iPhone 15 Pro Action Button Into A Starbucks Button That Orders Him A Coffee When He Is Near

With the development of technology, cellphones have become an essential component of modern life. These gadgets appear to get more intelligent and adaptable with each new model. The action button, the newest addition to the iPhone 15 Pro, is drawing a lot of interest. It turns out that the purpose of this new feature is time-saving and smoothing over daily duties, not just convenience.

TikToker Brett Turner recently showcased the power of the iPhone 15 Pro’s action button in a viral video. Instead of merely serving as a shortcut for mundane tasks, this button can be customized to execute a range of functions. One of Turner’s favorite uses is turning it into a “Starbucks button.” When within 100 meters of his local Starbucks, he clicks the action button, and voila! His morning coffee order is placed without opening an app or standing in line.

Turner’s innovative approach shows the incredible potential of this feature. He explains that it uses “if” statements to trigger specific actions based on time and location. This means the action button can do much more than just order coffee. For instance, after 11 p.m., it can turn off the lights in your house, creating a seamless transition to nighttime routines.

Turner claims that creating and organizing these shortcuts can be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite practical. It’s not just for ordering coffee—it can also be used as a smart home controller, a flashlight, and a key fob for Tesla owners. This button is so versatile that it has been dubbed “the most significant new iPhone feature in years.”

The action button on the iPhone 15 Pro has gained popularity recently, which has given fans of the brand even more motivation to love this model. The new button appears to be gaining traction among users, particularly coffee enthusiasts like Brett Turner, despite the fact that early worries about overheating issues were resolved with the release. It’s the ideal illustration of how innovation may improve our daily lives by making them more pleasurable in addition to more efficient. To get your caffeine dose faster, think about customizing the action button on your iPhone 15 Pro to become your own “Starbucks button” the next time you’re near one.

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