Elon Musk Leaves President Trump’s Advisory Council After U.S. Exits Paris Agreement


Tesla CEO has shown he is also a man of his word as he has announced that he will be leaving President Trump’s economic advisory council in response to POTUS’ recent move on the Paris Climate Change agreement.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump officially announced the decision to withdraw U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement. And although he has tried to placate the onslaught of criticism by pledging to renegotiate the deal; he also has said that it would be “fine” if the talks failed.

Almost immediately after the announcement Musk tweeted that he was leaving the Council, reiterating his conviction on the fact that “climate change is real.”

Musk threatened to resign from the advisory position if the U.S. went ahead to leave the Paris Agreement on Wednesday.

This is a sort of a reversal for the CEO who previously resisted calls for his resignation from POTUS’ council. Instead, he kept on iterating that the only way to change the commander-in-chief’s mind was to have direct access to him.

But it seems as though Musk’s patience has been exhausted; after all, how can you “advise” a man who isn’t willing to even listen to anyone with a different point of view? The move by Musk is also aligned with his green technology companies that include Tesla and SolarCity. Musk sent a second tweet debunking Trump’s claims about the Paris agreement.

Other top CEOs in the U.S. have also pushed Trump to not withdraw from the Paris agreement that includes Apple CEO Tim Cook and Exxon CEO Darren Woods.

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