Elon Musk Is Now Floating The Idea Of Having A ‘Noble’ Debate With Mark Zuckerberg Instead Of A Cage Fight

Elon Musk’s anticipated cage fight with Mark Zuckerberg has encountered a series of twists, showcasing Musk’s evolving approach to this playful challenge.

Over the weekend, Musk announced that he was open to live-streaming the bout on his platform X, formerly known as Twitter. However, on the same day, he revealed a potential obstacle – needing a medical examination of his neck and upper back before setting a flight date.

Taking to Twitter again, Musk indicated that surgery might be required before the fight, adding that a decision would be made during the week. This medical consideration has prompted Musk to explore alternative avenues for engaging with Zuckerberg.

TED curator Chris Anderson proposed a “cage match DEBATE” between the two tech moguls, suggesting the topic “How to Build an Amazing Future.” Musk appeared intrigued by this suggestion, aligning with the idea of a debate rather than a physical contest. He supported this notion, tweeting that a debate “sounds like a good idea too.” Musk even characterized this approach as a “noble sport,” acknowledging the intention to engage in a constructive and meaningful exchange of ideas.

Interestingly, Musk’s current stance echoes a suggestion put forth by his mother, Maye Musk, earlier this year. In June, Maye Musk proposed that her son and Zuckerberg should engage in a “verbal fight only,” featuring three questions, each with humorous responses.

Though initially considering a more physical showdown, Elon Musk now appears to be warming up to the notion of a verbal exchange, potentially realizing the inherent challenges of defeating Zuckerberg in a physical fight.

Zuckerberg’s background in MMA training and jiu-jitsu medals would likely give him an upper hand in a physical contest, prompting Musk to candidly admit that his odds of winning would depend on the fight’s duration.

Musk tweeted, “If the fight is short, I probably win. If long, he may win on endurance,” highlighting his realistic assessment of the situation.

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