Elon Musk Haters Vandalize Dozens Of New Tesla Cybertrucks – With A Special Message For Him

Unexpectedly, several Tesla Cybertrucks that were in Florida awaiting delivery have been vandalized. This vandalism is most likely the result of those who hate Elon Musk.

Graffiti found on several defaced Tesla Cybertrucks parked in a Fort Lauderdale lot contains explicit comments aimed at Elon Musk. This act of vandalism coincides with Tesla temporarily stopping Cybertruck deliveries because of a problem with the windscreen wiper motor, which has left vehicles stacked up in different parts of the country.

Recently, numerous videos have surfaced showing many cyber trucks waiting for delivery. One video from the OnlyinDade account revealed the extent of the vandalism, showcasing the graffiti-marked Cybertrucks.

It is yet unknown if the vehicles experienced long-term damage from the graffiti, which includes the words “f*ck Elon,” or if it is simply removable. Rage towards Tesla CEO Elon Musk appears to be the driving force behind the vandalism. This incident shows the difficulties and scrutiny Tesla is under while it attempts to fix technical problems and complete Cybertruck deliveries.

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