Elon Musk Has Responded To Rumors That He’s Building His Own Texas Airport

After numerous media publications reported that Elon Musk may soon be granted permission to build his private airport outside of Austin, Texas, the billionaire refuted the rumours, saying it “would be silly.”

The Tesla and SpaceX CEOs criticised the plans for a new private airport on Twitter, claiming the rumour was false.

“Not true. Tesla is 5 mins from Austin International airport. It would be silly to build another private airport. However, the existing commercial airport needs another runway, as Austin is growing fast!” Musk wrote.

There are supposedly 130,000 square feet of shared hangar space and a 6,025-foot runway at the Austin Executive Airport. Additionally, the airport will be close to Bastrop, east of Austin.

Moreover, it said that Musk and his companies would benefit from having a private airport, mainly because three have offices in Austin. The global headquarters of Tesla and The Boring Company has moved to Austin.

However, he is not the only well-known figure to have gone to the bustling city. The billionaire Peter Thiel, who established PayPal with Elon Musk and IT companies like Amazon and Oracle, are among the notable people who have moved to the burgeoning Southern metropolis.

Nevertheless, Musk undoubtedly doesn’t care about developing a new airport because he already has much more in his life, like raising a family, sending people to Mars, and suing Twitter.

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