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Elon Musk Has Explained Why The Cybertruck Is Designed This Way

Elon Musk Has Explained Why The Cybertruck Is Designed This Way

Tesla’s unveiling of Cybertruck resulted in quite a commotion on last Thursday. The much-awaited all-electric pickup truck has completely gone in a different direction as opposed to the expectations. The result makes the pickup truck look like something that was drawn by a child. However, it turns out that there is a good enough reason for this particular design. 

CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to explain why Tesla went with this particular design. He wrote, ‘Reason Cybertruck is so planar is that you can’t stamp ultra-hard 30X steel, because it breaks the stamping press. Even bending it requires a deep score on inside of the bend, which is how the prototype was made.’ Cybertruck has already amassed around 200,000 orders since it made its debut. On 23rd November, the truck only had 146,000 orders. Musk has given a breakdown of the orders;

The first batch of Cybertruck will be going into production in late 2021. The body has been crafted using thick and ultra-hard stainless steel. This steel has been cold-rolled about 30 times. Musk said, ‘We’re going to be using the same alloy in the Starship rocket.’ Musk further explained, ‘We were going to use titanium skins for Cybertruck, but cold-rolled 30X stainless is much stronger. We’re creating this alloy at Tesla. Not a problem to create a lot of it, but we’ll need to come up with new body manufacturing methods, as it can’t be made using standard methods.’

This is definitely turning out to be a game-changer. But that is what has made Tesla always a name to be reckoned with; its ability to produce a change in a settled and developed market.