Watch The Tesla Cybertruck Rear-Wheel Steering In Action

Four-wheel steering appears to be the coolest new technology for the newest generation of electric vehicles. Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo showcased several of the company’s planned cars, but the Cybertruck clearly brought the house down. The all-electric pickup truck attracted the interest of visitors and online viewers equally from its entrance at the site to its presentation in the hours before Elon Musk’s talk to its appearance later that evening with Design Chief Franz von Holzhausen at a recent Tesla event.

Elon Musk first revealed the Cybertruck’s back wheel steering characteristics on Twitter the year before. Musk noted in his article that the capability was created to guarantee that the Cybertruck could do sudden movements and navigate with great agility. Given the size of the Cybetruck, this was a very sensible step for Tesla. The Cybertruck is a huge vehicle with a wheelbase that exceeds that of the Ford F-150, so adding elements that make it nimbler will definitely be welcomed by buyers. This is the most popular methodology in which four-wheel steering systems enhance flexibility, dramatically reducing a vehicle’s turning circle when parking and related tasks.

Here are the steering rear wheels of the Tesla Cybertruck in action during  the Cyber Rodeo - Real Mi Central

While several current four-wheel steering technologies enable rear-wheel angles of up to 15 degrees, the “Crab Walk” option on the GMC Hummer EV is likely the greatest demonstration, with the vehicle traveling almost diagonally when the feature is enabled. Ford has some wilder suggestions, such as tucking the wheels in towards each other operating them in separate directions and enabling a properly outfitted truck to sweep left and right like an omnidirectional forklift. The delivery of the Cybertruck has been rescheduled, but Elon Musk has expressed confidence that Tesla will begin handing out the vehicle next year. The CEO appears to be quite pleased about the all-electric pickup truck, remarking at the Cyber Rodeo that the Cybertruck maybe Tesla’s “magnum opus.” If so, the truck would very certainly use Tesla’s most advanced technology to date, such as their Hardware 4.0 processor, which Musk stated. The Cybertruck would have been as forthcoming as feasible using Hardware 4.0.

Elon Musk Confirms That Upcoming Cybertruck Will Have Rear-wheel Steering |  Mint

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