Elon Musk Could Be Planning To Charge People For Tweet Embeds

As Musk took over the charge of Twitter, he has some serious plans to revamp Twitter’s model. Recently, Musk hints at giving a new context to embedded tweets by endorsing users to pay a fee. Some analysts have the opinion that this practice might be the result of Musk reimbursing for Twitter’s deal, which has not been accomplished yet, by imposing charges on certain features so that Musk can generate enough funds to comply with the deal’s requirements. However, users are liable to pay the fees only when they quote the tweet from a verified profile. Otherwise, they can easily embed the tweets without being charged.

Because of the charges applied, the press writing agencies now have to turn a blind eye toward quoting a tweet from a verified Twitter account for their news articles. However, an alternative method for these agencies to embed or quote a tweet is to simply take a screenshot of that tweet and post it on their news site. In this way, they will not be under any liability for making the payments.

These plot twists after Musk’s takeover to monetize even the very basic features of Twitter would ultimately blow the minds of the general public on Twitter. Another significant aspect is that Musk is about to replace the CEO of Twitter, Parag Agrawal, with a person who would suggest more organized subscription plans for Twitter Blue. Reuters reported that in a discussion with the Twitter chairman, Bret Taylor, Musk said that he is concerned about the administration of the company and is considering implementing a reduction in the workforce for Twitter. In this way, he would conserve around $3 million per year, which was otherwise an ongoing expense for the company in the form of salaries.

Twitterati believes that Musk should think about reconsidering this decision as he might face a backlash. At the same time, he has a very comprehensive take on the gross margins of the company, which are far less than Facebook and Pinterest. That’s why he has high regard for the monetization of some features to come on par with other social media platforms. An equally significant aspect is that Musk has some policies in mind on which he is working side by side to moderate the impact of charging fees by launching features that are as free as possible.

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