Elon Musk Adressed Twitter Employees For The First Time – And Talked About Aliens

Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, travels to space, but he has yet to encounter evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Musk mentioned the prospect of life beyond Earth during a town hall meeting with Twitter’s employees on Thursday to discuss his upcoming purchase of the site, according to sources.

Musk told Twitter staff that SpaceX’s objective is to “make life multi-planetary and thus improve the problem lifespan of consciousness.”

He talked about the possibilities of extraterrestrial life but then seemed to backtrack after claiming he hadn’t seen “actual evidence for aliens.”

“Can we travel to other star systems and see if there are alien civilizations?” he said. He said there could be “long-dead” ones, too.

Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has already been an out-of-this-world affair. Musk agreed to buy the company for $44 billion in April but has since revised his financing strategy and claimed spambots to be a serious impediment to the deal’s completion.

According to the New York Times, Musk also remarked at the all-hands meeting on Thursday that he wants the platform to have 1 billion users and freedom of “speech” and “reach.”

According to insider, he advised layoffs, that the corporation should make more money than it spends, and that he prefers in-person employment.

Twitter employees described the conference as “confusing” and “hilarious,” according to sources. During the meeting, they flooded an internal Slack channel with memes and complaints that Musk was not offering relevant answers on his business vision and employee compensation.

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