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Elon Mask: If Tesla’s Engineering Team Designed PPE

Elon Musk expressed his concerns about the ‘onerous’ N95 face mask back in March. With Mercedes making baby strollers and Audi manufacturing designer chairs, Scottish company Lease Fetcher wondered: what would a Tesla face mask look like, and what features would it have?

Drawing inspiration from daily mask annoyances and leading Tesla- tech, Lease Fetcher commissioned a designer to put together the product concept: Elon Mask* (not a typo!). 

Elon Mask is a personal BioDefense protection mask that is designed to match your Tesla EV and it is loaded with tech. The mask is adjustable electronically for different levels of protection, including no protection, air filter-only, and air filter + visor, making it useful for a wide range of leisure and professional situations. 

With the high-tech Elon Mask, you can sync with your smartphone to listen to music, take calls with a built-in mic and bone conduction headphones, and you can summon your Tesla. Meanwhile, a real-time audio enhancer enables you to hear a mask-wearing person talking in front of you with clarity.

Elon Mask also boasts a handy distance alert. When the mask detects someone breaking social distancing, the rear lights will flash to warn people behind that they’re too close. Handy for standing in line at the supermarket! 

“Elon and his team of engineers are known for challenging the norm and we wouldn’t be surprised to hear them working on a wide range of supplementary gadgets for their electric vehicles, maybe even a face mask” says Will Craig, founder of Lease Fetcher.

Although only a product concept, the Elon Mask could be a cue to companies to start making their own personal protective equipment. If Tesla’s short history of industry-changing innovations is anything to go by, only time will tell what new tech we can expect to see out of their Palo Alto headquarters. 

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