Leaked Pictures Show A Deadly Electromagnetic Weapon On A Chinese Warship

The recently released leaked pictures of a Chinese military ship near the Wuchang Shipyard shows some sort of latest weapon on the ship. Many theories have started to emerge since then and some of them point towards the secret plan by the Chinese government to enhance its military capabilities. The Chinese government has not released any information that confirms or denies the information. However, through social media, people are forming their opinion and are sharing images on Twitter. They are also trying to provoke a response from the government. The weapon, which is an electromagnetic railgun, was first spotted attached to the ship last week.

Weapon of this type fires projectiles by using an electromagnetic force. The machine will fire at an alarmingly high speed and connects with a target to connect with the targets which can be as far as 355-kilometres. Fears are spreading over the impact of a possible covert mission. The Chinese government has not released any statement about the weapon. Eben though some pro-government publication wrote an article in response to the discussions that were generated by the photos.

china weapon

Chen Shuoren, Military commentator stated his views to reflect China’s growing military progress in a positive way. He said, “Though the US has been openly developing electromagnetic guns for years, it doesn’t mean that China is far behind in this field, as the latter [usually] keeps quiet about its progress due to secrecy concerns. If the pictures are confirmed to be true, this would be a milestone for China’s electromagnetic weapons research program, with epoch-making significance.”

The Office of Naval Research of the US, who is also underway to develop a similar railgun, acknowledged the efforts of China and wrote on its site, “Although it was once an object of imagination, theory, and science fiction, the electromagnetic railgun has finally made the leap from laboratory concept to weapon-grade technology.” They also wrote about the weapons capabilities by saying, “Using a massive electrical pulse rather than a chemical propellant, the railgun can launch projectiles much farther than the 13-nautical-mile (24km) range of the US Navy’s standard 5-inch (12.7cm) naval gun.”

The lack of funding and fundamental flaw in the design are the top reasons of why the project has not been worked at a strong pace. “Previous incarnations of the railgun suffered from limited muzzle energy and could only fire a few shots before the launcher needed to be replaced.” Knowing that the US is also taking actions in the same area, the question arises that the level of scrutiny which China is facing in this matter is the result of their government’s failure to be transparent. Or if the rise in the military powers of the country is itself provoking a strong reaction?

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