Eight Jobs You Can Get With An Architecture Degree

If you love solving complex problems and are creative, working in the field of architecture might be right for you. Even if you never saw yourself as an architect, there are numerous other roles you can pursue with an architecture degree.

Career Paths

Earning a degree in architecture has a lot of potential. In addition to becoming an architect, there are other roles you can apply for as well.


As an architect, you’ll use the skills you learned to work in the residential or commercial sector. Architects plan and design the layout of buildings and homes. They possess sharp critical thinking skills, analytical skills and are excellent communicators. If you want to work in this role, you will need to earn a BA in Architecture. You can choose between a four or five-year program. 

As with most degree programs, you can apply for a student loan, pay out of pocket or apply for a scholarship. If this is your second degree, you should consider Earnest student loan refinancing. When you apply through a private lender, you can roll your pre-existing loans over into a new one. This will lower your monthly payment and help you pay less interest over time. You do need to meet certain financial criteria to be approved. This includes having good credit and being a US citizen.

Graphic Designer

With a degree in architecture, you can also work as a graphic designer. You can work in numerous sectors including marketing agencies and web design firms. You’ll need a keen eye for color theory and textures, in addition to being able to think outside the box. Graphic designers are typically creatives who understand the delicate balance between form, typeset and layouts.

Interior Designer

As an interior designer, you’ll work with clients to create their dream space. Some interior designers use their architectural drawing skills to create visual layouts prior to starting a project. To be successful, you need to know how light, texture and color can create the right balance in a room. You also need to know how to stage furniture within a space as well. Some interior designers even offer niche services like efficient home organization for specific spaces like closets or bathrooms.

Project Coordinator

Architectural project coordinators can be found in the residential and commercial sectors. They work side by side with the project development team to ensure the project runs smoothly. They oversee blueprint creation and also perform quality assurance inspections of worksites.


With a Master’s degree, you can consider teaching at a university or trade school. Depending on your specific role, you can work with graduate or undergraduate students. You can also become a great mentor and help students decide which path to take when they complete their own degree.

Architectural Technologist

In this position, you must have a deep understanding of architectural codes and how to create them. You’ll work alongside engineers to design construction blueprints. You’ll also need excellent communication skills to bridge the gap between technical and creative team members.

Urban Planner

An urban planner designs the layout of land in underdeveloped areas. You need extensive knowledge of building codes, transportation infrastructures and how to improve areas without damaging historical landmarks.

Industrial Designer

Industrial designers use their skills to create household products, medical equipment and even automobiles. They create the design concepts and then work closely with market researchers to validate the idea.

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