30 Tips To Organize Your Home Like An Engineer


Here are 30 tips on how you can improve your home and become an organizer like Monica (reference to FRIENDS, ask your parents they loved the show). Read on and implement what you can!

30. Trash Can30. Repurposed Trash Can

The perfect match for the wrapping paper, toss them in right away!

29. CD Rack29. CD Rack Lid Storage

Did you know you could use your CD rack for this awesome purpose? Now you do know!

28. Paper Towel Holder28. Paper Towel Holder Ribbon Organizer

Make use of that paper towel holder by placing your ribbons on it and making use of them.

27. Foil & Plastic Wrap27. Foil & Plastic Wrap Storage

Make use of the pantry door back by installing the foil and plastic wraps over there.

26. Soap Box Storage26. Soap Box Storage

They cost you hardly a dollar and can be used for a myriad of purposes.

25. Closet Organizers25, DIY Closet Organizers

A sturdy hanger and some shower curtain rings will result in the perfect organizer for your scarfs and hats in closets.

24. Creamer Bottles24. Recycled Creamer Bottles

Those of you who don’t use these food containers once they’re empty should take some time to reflect on their life decisions. We meant it, come on folks, these are the best!

23. Under-Sink Storage23. Under-Sink Storage Solution

Use lighter items and this setup will last for quite long.

22. Drawer Dividers22. Budget-Friendly Drawer Dividers

These all are items that you would throw out, we want you to keep them and use them!

21. Egg Carton21. Egg Carton Storage

The egg cartons are perfect organizers for kids and their stuff; you could also place your small Christmas ornaments here.

20. Bake-ware Storage20. Vertical Bakeware Storage

Gone are the days when you would stack these upon one another and then scurry for finding the right one by taking out all of these. Be smart and use this approach!

19. Ceiling Storage19. Ceiling Storage

That space will go to waste unless you use it!

18. Dinner Plates18. Dinner Plate Cradles

Well, invest a little and your life will become easier!

17. Gift Wrap Organizer17. DIY Gift Wrap Organizer

What you needs are curtain rods, hooks and a picture frame and ta da!

16. Wine Rack16. Wine Rack Office Organizer

Make use of the wine rack in collaboration with some plastic cups (cheap ones will do too) to store all the office and craft essentials.

15. File Box15. File Box Appliance Storage

File box are great; use them wisely and you’ll end up clearing quite a space!

14. Pillow Case14. Pillow Case Storage

Why didn’t you think of this earlier? Store the sheets inside the respective pillowcases and keep your closet organized.

13. Magnetic Strip13. Magnetic Strip Bathroom Storage

A number of metal objects are present inside the bathroom cabinet and installing a magnetic strip will help you keep them organized.

12. Tape & Ribbon Holder12. DIY Tape & Ribbon Holder

Here’s another way to store ribbons by using wire hangers! Follow the instructions given and voila!

11. Flip Flop Storage11. DIY Flip Flop Storage

Are you a flip-flop fan? Wait, who isn’t? So here’s how you store them in style!

10. Tackle Box10. Tackle Box Battery Storage

Make use of a plastic tackle box to separate and organize your batteries.

9. Ice Cube Tray9. Ice Cube Tray Drawer Dividers

Ice cube trays are perfect drawer dividers and organizers!

8. Ribbon Storage8. Organized Ribbon Storage

Here’s another way to store the ribbon by making use of the swinging arm skirt rack!

7. Magazine Holder7. Magazine Holder To Store Kitchen Supplies

These kitchen essentials go to the magazine holder for vertical stacking and easy use!

6. Wine Rack Again6. Wine Rack Towel Holder

Got a wall mounted wine rack? Here’s another use for it!

5. Heel Wall Mount5. DIY Heel Wall Mount

If you own a lot of heels then it is about time you made use of this.

4. Ironing Board Storage4. Sneaky Ironing Board Storage

Robe hooks can be employed behind door-wall in order to get rid of the iron board problem!

3. Laundry Basket Shelf3. Laundry Basket Shelf

Get yourself a shelving unit and make use of the vertical space!

2. Hidden Toothbrush2. Hidden Toothbrush Storage

If you don’t want the toothbrushes out in the open; here’s the fix.

1. Basket Dividers1. Basket Dividers

Bathroom drawers can be organized via the cheap baskets you can easily get. This will allow you to store items separately in a drawer without worrying about them getting mixed.



  1. Helena Reply

    Hello Engineer, Thank you for this. I do need help with organisation. Your idea for baseball caps I will use right away but for scarves. Nobody has that many baseball caps! Helena

    • Rhoda Reply

      Yes they do, Helena. My son does, and I have almost that many of my own. Of course, mine are just for show and hang on my wall.

  2. John Reply

    Why do these always have so many ideas for wrapping paper and craft items? Who has that much wrapping paper?

  3. Sophie Areli | Hero To Female Bloggers Reply

    I loved the CD Rack and the Bake Ware Storage ideas! Very smart use of everyday items!

  4. OhrLighting Reply

    wow good thought with these simple step you can organize your home in a perfect manner appreciate this article. very nice please keep continue and share these kind of informations with people

  5. Chuck Johnston Reply

    We’re in the process of moving, and some of these tips will help keep the new place better organized. Thanks! 🙂

  6. Ruthy Reply

    Wow, thanks !!
    ..although I’ve already been doing the heels tip.. these additions is a blessing.

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