Egypt Tried To Make A Flying Car And It Has Failed Miserably. This Is The End Result

Egypt flying car fail

Well, haven’t we had enough of preposterous claims from pseudo-engineers of making the next water-fuelled car or the flying motorbikes? I guess not as this Sunday, an Egyptian “inventor” named Ashraf Al-Bandry was supposed to test his all-conquering automobile that can be navigated across sea, air and land. Despite many tech guys ridiculing at his very design, the claim attracting crowds and crowds of people to the infamous Tahrir Square to witness a test-run of his vehicle. Here is how it all went:

Here is Mr. Ashraf, a poet and an innovator claiming he can change the face of the Earth with his flying car-boat thing.

Egyptian monster test run5

The Egyptian “Monster” as it was named in Arabic, was claimed to be an all-terrain and multifunctional car capable of navigating through air, water and land.

Egyptian monster test run4

A magical solution to the populous city of Cairo’s ever-growing traffic problems. Al-Bandary also claimed that the car ran on self-generated energy, and the top speed was 120 Km/h. He also claimed a patent war being fought over his new craft from rival parties based in Israel and USA. Yeah right!

So, after seven years of work and a team of seven people here is how it rolled:

Egyptian monster test run3

Nothing but a bad joke on the uninitiated!

Egyptian monster test run2

The ridiculous wings and wheels speak for itself. As expected, the car couldn;t even move on the ground, let alone make a take-off run. Crowds of people are seen here “push-starting” the ambitious car. Looks more like a handcart doesn’t it?

Egyptian monster test run

Since the project had silent backing of the government, Social media erupted with trolls and memes ridiculing the whole concept.


Even the Egyptian-American Astrophysicist Essam Heggy joined in:

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Posted by Essam Heggy on Sunday, December 27, 2015



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  1. This is totally absurd. Assuming we’re not just being punked here, this simply could not happen in the civilized world. The Muslim world is so backward and self-destructive I’m sure many of the participants fail to see the ridiculousness of the endeavor. Join civilization first fellas and then get back to me.

  2. No sir

    Why does everything have to turn political.

    If i were in charge of allowing this person to try it or not, I would certainly allow him to try this in exactly this spot, certainly not on The 6th October Bridge. where he could cause and accident, and still, I would not disallow him just because it will look silly and funny, that would be sending a message to serious engineers that creativity is regulated by the government.

    Egypt manufactured cars at one stage (Granted it was based on Fiat), so judging Egypt’s potential by some guy who is more like a daydreamer is not very wise, And still It sounds less silly to me than those people creating 3D videos of “Future army weapons” filling up the internet, small bullets that destroy tanks and that rubbish.

    I think this is how it should be.

  3. Well, that is quite funny and stupid in the same time. I do not know how they expected that thing to move -not fly- normally. As an Egyptian, what makes it worse is that the government supported that ridiculous thing and they allowed the even of the new “invention” to take place in the Tahrir square, which is protected and controlled by the police even before Al-sisi becoming the president. that somehow indicates the kind of mentality taking decisions in Egypt today. I believe Egypt has better minds and better ideas, but they are not going to show up under a regime believes that a cart can fly!