Dubai’s Super-Rich Turned Poor Who Cannot Afford to Maintain Their Supercars have Abandoned These Beauties


We have finally decided to break the monotonous cycle; we are always talking about future stuff and awesome pieces of engineering and wonders of technology and science. Let’s talk about something other than that. Let’s just break off from our boring routine and jump into a whole new kind of ride, it’ll be fun, that we can guarantee. So, how many of you have been to Dubai? Quite a fabulous place, wouldn’t you agree? The palm islands, Burj-ul-Arab, amazing architecture and what not! However, there is a certain problem that Dubai is facing. Have you been able to identify it or were you too busy with the glamor and beauty that the city has to offer? Yes, we know you are bored with the build up so let’s get to the topic of the day; abandoned luxury cars! Yeah, well, luxury cars in Dubai is something that isn’t too surprising but it surprising when you see luxury cars abandoned at parking lots and at airports.

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abandoned cars in dubai-2While some cities have to face problems such as sanitation, proper housing, food, health etc, Dubai is probably facing the weirdest problem of all. Dubai’s car culture is very simple; buy expensive cars. Why is answered as because you can and so you must. Dubai was once the epicenter of economic activity but then came the investors, earning loads of money on different accounts and grounds. Everything was going smoothly; Italian and German supercars were being bought as if they were cans of coke. But nothing lasts forever and soon came the global economic crisis which flushed the economic activity! The aftershocks are still being felt as a very large number of the best automobiles are being abandoned every year on the streets of Dubai, left there to collect dust. The reason is thar owners are fleeing from the clutches of horrible bank debts. As per the laws of Dubai, the bouncing of a cheque and inability to repay a debt is considered a criminal offence. So, the worried owners usually make their way to airport as fast as possible and then leave their rides behind. Ferraris, Porsches, BMWs and Mercedes are abandoned as if they were nothing and are found regularly at Dubai International Airport parking lot. Surprisingly, some owners have the courtesy to leave behind sorry notes and loans papers while others just leave their keys in the ignition.

abandoned cars in dubai

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Remember Ferrari Enzo? Yeah, the same of which only 400 models were manufactured; police found one in the parking lot where it had been sitting-how unfortunate- for several months and becoming fast friends with dust. These cars are at the end of the day get auctioned which means cheaper cars, yayyy, but on a serious note this is not good- just kidding, who doesn’t want expensive cars for less price than what they are actually worth. Still, Dubai sure has a problem at its hands and there needs to be a proper way to take care of it.


  1. Stephen Mccloud Reply

    You couldn’t if drive a car like those dumped in dubai. You would have it robbed off you by a 10 year old. Lol steve

  2. Ishmael Reply

    I live in South Africa… and i have never heard or seen anything like this,

  3. Abu Reply

    So how would I be able to get one of these cars, there are very nice cars

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