Dos And Don’ts Of Home DIY Projects

Those who enjoy DIY projects around the house often have a range of levels of handiness. One might be very skilled and experienced, while another person may be just starting out. Still, it is relatively easy to do some easier projects, like touching up the paint around the house. There are some projects many people can do while there are others you may want to avoid.

Do: Leave Projects to the Professionals

Certain tasks can be dangerous if they are not done by an experienced professional. Taking out trees is not something you should try on your own unless you are a tree professional. It might seem more expensive to hire someone to do this, but the added safety and peace of mind can be worth it. It’s a good idea to have a home savings fund set aside when something like this comes up. That way, you won’t have to go into debt to pay for an unexpected expense. Look for ways of lowering your monthly expenses to get this fund set up. If you have student loans, you might consider refinancing them to reduce your monthly expense. When you refinance a student loan, you will have more cash to put toward home repairs. In addition, reducing going out to eat or cutting subscription services are a great way to free up cash quickly.

Don’t: Major Plumbing or Electrical Work

You may be able to convert a regular plug to a smart plug, as you just need to move some wires around. However, if you are changing out fixtures or adding new wiring, things can be more complicated. It is important to work with a professional electrician in this case. That can prevent any fires from improperly configured wires. Plumbing is also best left to the professionals, as you do not want to risk a flood. This can damage other parts of the home, costing you more money. Even if there is just a leak instead of a flood, your water bill may go up substantially, and you may need a plumber’s assistance.

Do: Install Storage and Shelving

Having extra storage shelves can help you make the most of even the highest spaces. You can also add premade shelves, such as cubbies or floating shelves. As long as you are comfortable using a level and measuring precisely, you should not have too much trouble completing this task.

Don’t: Work with Siding

You might feel that taking off your home’s siding can save money, but doing so can be dangerous to your home. That’s because doing so incorrectly can result in permanent damage to the structure. If you find structural damage under the siding, you might need to bring in a professional anyway.

Do: Install Cabinet Hardware

Adding new hardware to your cabinets can transform the room, making it look more modern. It is not difficult to replace knobs, and even though handles might take a bit more effort, it’s something you can safely and easily do yourself. You have to ensure the holes go in the same place on all the cabinets and drawers, as you won’t get a second chance to do it again.

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