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Do You Know What “S” Stands For In Galaxy S Smartphones? Here’s The Answer

Galaxy S6

If you’re the curious type who usually spends some time in the shower thinking about stuff, then you would definitely appreciate this effort of ours. You see, we like to ponder from time to time as well. This time we went about wondering what the ‘S’ in Galaxy S stands for. The question has been asked by a number of people and we decided to do a little bit of digging.

It turns out that back in 2011, Samsung actually explained this in a press release. The ‘S’ basically stands for ‘Super Smart. You were not expecting that, were you? The Galaxy S is the flagship model for Samsung now, however, back in the day there were a number of other lineups as well which had letters that actually had a meaning.

S – As mentioned earlier, S stands for Super Smart. It is the name given to the flagship models of Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S has already managed a sale of 10 million units throughout the world.

R – It stands for Royal/Refined. This category is a premium category that combines performance, productivity and power for those who want to be defined by the technology that they use.

W – This stands for Wonder. This category is assigned to strategic models that sport high quality and are perfect for those who are looking to find a perfect balance between performance and style.

M – It stands for Magical. Models with economic price and high-performance.

Y – This stands for Young. Entry or strategic models for younger audience that is sensitive to price and for the markets that are emerging.

There you go, we have Wonder, Magical, Young, Super Smart and Royal/Refined. A number of these classes are not being used anymore. However, since this press release took place 4 years ago, the real question what does the A in new class stands for. If anyone has any idea, better write it in the comment and let everyone know as well.

So now that you know what the S stands for in Samsung Galaxy S would you still call it Samsung Galaxy S or will you call it Samsung Galaxy Super Smart? Let us know what you think of these meanings behind the classes names in the comments section below.

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