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These Chinese Tellers Are The Fastest Money Counters In The World

The Superhuman Art Of Counting Money By Chinese Tellers!

All of us have been at a bank for one reason or another, right? Have you seen the money counting machines that the tellers use to count a bundle of notes? It sure does make their lives convenient. However, Chinese tellers still practice their money counting skills every day, and some of these tellers are on par with the money counting machines.

A number of videos of Chinese bank tellers demonstrating their exceptional money counting skills have been going viral on the Internet for quite some time. Once you look at those videos, you will realize that they are becoming viral for a good reason. Not only can they count the cash real quick, but they also make use of a plethora of techniques for doing this. In fact, there is a famous TV content where tellers from various banks compete to find out which teller is the fastest and most accurate ‘human banknote counting machine.’

In a recent episode of a Chinese TV show – Impossible Challenge – a new record has been set by a teller. The contest featured the four best tellers from Chinese banks. The goal was to break the world record of counting the most banknotes manually in 30 seconds while being blindfolded. Two of the tellers or better known as human money counting machines made a mistake in counting while the remaining two got it right while beating the previous Guinness Record of 178 banknotes by quite a margin. Li Li – human money counting machine from the Bank of China – counted a total of 191 banknotes while Zhuo Mingjing – human money counting machine from the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China – counted a total of 202 banknotes in half a minute.

The mesmerizing thing about this competition was that each teller made use of a different counting technique while only relying on the sense of touch and hearing. That is quite impressive, but Wang Dongyun goes a step further with his capability of counting money by hearing the sound of someone else manually counting the money. She has been featured on Impossible Challenge where she successfully guessed the number of banknotes counted by two tellers who were counting them simultaneously. She was blindfolded, in case you are wondering.

The different techniques include the one-finger method, four or five-finger method, and the fan method for counting notes. Check out the videos below to watch various Chinese tellers showcasing their talents as human money counting machines!

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