Do Not Use The Calculator In Apple iOS 11.1


Just when we thought we were done with the bugs accompanying the latest iOS update, it proves us wrong once again. The iOS 11.1 has been making media playback stutter and breaks the audio control on the lock screen. It also has a bug that does not let you type the letter “I”.

Joining that list in the calculator app on the iOS 11.1. It has no problems performing calculations and doesn’t get the values wrong. But, it takes ages to register your touches and functions at a treacherously slow pace. You don’t really need a calculator to calculate “1+2+3”. A first-grade student can tell you the answer is 6. But just to test the calculator app on the iOS 11.1, the above calculation was done.

(Source: Phone Arena)

The calculator fails to register the “+” function after 2 and solves it as “1+23” giving the answer 24. If you want to avoid this problem you would have to type extremely slowly. For the Apple users, if you wish to use the calculator app often it is advised to download another one from the Apple store or if you are in no hurry and seldom need to make a few calculations, you are welcome to use the built-in app.

Let’s hope Apple is taking note of all these bugs and removes them in iOS 11.2 or at least replace them with some new ones.


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