Digitsole Is An Interactive Insole For Your Shoe That Warms Your Feet And Counts Steps

Digitsole - The techy insole5

Digitsole is an interactive insole for your shoe that fulfills three tasks: it keeps your feet warm, tracks how many steps you take and estimates how many calories you have burned. All functions are controlled using an app that is available for iOS and android and is under development for Windows. The app uses Bluetooth 4.0 for connection.Digitsole - The techy insole6

Digitsole is a functional set of insoles. The heel features a cushion designed to lessen the shock associated with walking and running. The toes feature a flexible section that is meant to aid movement and contains additional support in the arches to help with balance and posture. Each insole consists of three layers of material: Neotech, Poron TX3 and PU soft-touch microfiber, all of which are pressed together to form the finished product.Digitsole - The techy insole4

Digitsole can be used in most of your shoes, that is, technically you only need one pair that can be swapped into different pair of shoes. They are water resistant and contain a rechargeable battery that lasts around 7-8 hours on a single USB charge, if constantly used. Each Digitsole can be adjusted independently via the app to warm up the user’s feet. Once the temperature is set, the built-in thermostat keeps your feet at that temperature unless the settings are altered.Digitsole - The techy insole3 Digitsole - The techy insole Digitsole - The techy insole2

Similar to FootLogger insoles, Digitsole can also act as a pedometer. This means that it can count the number of steps taken by the user. Using this data and taking your height and weight into account, the app can easily determine the number of  calories you have burnt in a day. The product is being funded through Kickstarter with each pledge costing around US$149 for one pair of the insoles available in different sizes, plus the accompanying app.

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