Did You Know That Your iPhone Has A Hidden One-Handed Keyboard? Here’s How To Use It


The iOS developer Steve Stroughton-Smith hacked an iOS Simulator and stumbled upon a hidden code for a one-handed keyboard in the operating system. Stroughton-Smith asserted that the secret code for the one-handed keyboard had been there since the iOS8 was released.


Image source: Steve Stroughton-Smith


The one-handed keyboard is designed to make typing easier for the people who carry big phones but have smaller hands. This unique keyboard is designed such that the entire QWERTY touchpad appears on one side of the screen of the handset. The layout of the one-handed keyboard allows the users to access the far buttons on the touchpad using their thumb.



On the downside, the one-handed keyboard will probably never be made official. Apple has refused to explain why such a useful feature was left hidden in the iOS. The tech giant also did not reveal if it has any plans for the official launch of the one-handed touchpad in the future.


Image Source: Getty


Stroughton-Smith confirmed that the code was discovered when he hacked the iOS 8. The experts reckon that the release of the iOS 8 was:

“[the] biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the App Store.”

Alongside iOS8, Apple also launched its most successful handset, the iPhone 6 Plus!

Stroughton-Smith has also uploaded this tutorial for the users who had their iPhone jailbroken to activate the feature:


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