DeLorean Is Working On A New EV – And It Has Released New Images

The DeLorean Motor Company, well known for its DMC-12-time capsule, has announced that its new EV model will be formally unveiled on August 18 at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance — an event widely regarded as the world’s greatest celebration of the car. Meanwhile, DeLorean shared a shot of the EV’s back, revealing that it has softer curves than the square form that originated from the 1980s car. Besides that, no further information regarding the EV DeLorean has been revealed. However, as originally announced, the concept of this new DeLorean was given over to Italdesign, and it maintains the gullwing door characteristics, although with aerodynamic aspects. It’s not an instantly recognizable appearance, but it appears adequately futuristic, and it appears to maintain the original’s rear shade in certain ways.

DeLorean Releases a Teaser Image of Its New Electric Car - Blog

The fast and elegant DeLorean EV is an eagerly awaited launch from the firm, as seen from the rear driver’s side quarter panel. “Exuberance is mounting like the doors of our legendary sports car, and we are showing the next generation concept on the most renowned platform at Pebble Beach three days sooner than expected,” stated Troy Beetz, CMO of DeLorean Motor Company. The business recently stated that the first glimpse at its first electric car would be on exhibit three days earlier than expected on Pebble Beach’s Concept Lawn, with the first glances arriving on the 18. DeLorean had intended to reveal the car on August 21. Along with the new debut date, DeLorean shared a teaser photograph of its electric vehicle on Monday morning.

New Teaser Image of Electric-Powered DeLorean Revealed | PCMag

Although not everyone is aware of the name DeLorean Motor Company, most people are familiar with the automaker’s now-legendary product: the DMC DeLorean. Despite the fact that it was only available for the 1981–1983 model years, the sports car’s stainless steel body paneling and hatchback doors made it and continue making it a very distinctive and eye-catching vehicle. It’s no surprise that filmmaker Robert Zemeckis picked the automobile to act as the time machine in the Back to the Future film series. DeLorean intends to get its powertrain, comprising batteries and electric motors, from third-party manufacturers. “It makes absolutely no sense today for a firm of our scale to vertically integrate things,” stated CEO Joost de Vries. The company explored whether or not to build the DeLorean EV a hypercar, but finally decided against it. The vehicle will not be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds, but it will be competitive in the global market as a driving car precisely, in the top five.

DeLorean Goes Electric: Company Plans New Model : All Tech Considered : NPR

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