DefenDoor Is A Doorbell With A Camera And Home Monitoring System

DefenDoor – Protecting Your Home

DefenDoor is a doorbell created by Glate that makes use of the best features from a number of gadgets all aimed at protection of your house. DefenDoor works as a doorbell, motion sensor, camera and so much more.
DefenDoor – Protecting Your Home 2 Defendoor
DefenDoor – Protecting Your Home

The camera constitutes the main component of gadget. Upon being pressed or when one of the sensors is triggered, the wireless camera switches on and sends a snapshot to the user’s smartphone. Users then have the options of either receiving a live video feed or sending an audio message to the person who’s at the door.DefenDoor – Protecting Your Home 2

The camera can be used either inside or outside the home based upon the user’s needs and is water-resistant. This also implies that it doesn’t necessarily need to work as a doorbell, it could for instance, be used to keep a track of when someone checks the refrigerator out. The main features of the camera include 720p resolution and a viewing angle of 150 degrees. It derives its power from 3 AA batteries and according to the creators, these batteries will last for almost a year equivalent of 500 30-second recordings.DefenDoor – Protecting Your Home 4

The camera can be connected to 5 Bluetooth sensors that can be used within a range of 9 meters. The system also allows for vibration and motion sensors. As of now, Glate is busy raising funds on Kickstarter to market this gadget. The company has a goal of $100,000 and has quite some time left before the campaign ends. The basic package consists of a camera only and will cost you $119 if it reaches the production stage.



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