Dassault Reveals New Business Jet With The Largest Cabin Ever

Dassault reveals their new Falcon 10X business jet with the capacity to seat more individuals than ever before.

The new business jet is bigger in size concerning the jet’s other features as well. The new Falcon could go for an astonishing 7,500 nautical miles on a single refuel, since the fuel capacity is also enhanced with the size of the aircraft.

The company took the covers off of their newly built jet and it will undergo some extensive development before the aircraft with the largest ever-built cabin makes it to the air. However, Dassault conducted a virtual roll-out revealing the design and some other features of the acclaimed largest business jet built to date.

Virtual meetings are taking over as a long-term drop in business travels amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is expected, affecting the aerospace industry at large. However, Dassault-built aircraft would cater to the flying needs of those who want to make a long journey.

The company claimed that the Falcon 10X would come packing a long-range flight once it jumps into service. The power to the largest built business jet would come from twin Rolls-Royce Pearl10X engines creating 18,000 pounds of thrust and would be able to cover 8,630 miles on a single load of fuel. Talking about the business jet’s speed, the Falcon 10X would travel to Paris from Northwest Australia in a span of 15 hours at a speed of 1,104 km/h.

The Falcon 10X as detailed by Dassault comes with an ultimate level of comfort for passengers and the crew. It is the widest and tallest purpose-built business jet in the world. Moreover, compartments of the jet could be configured to best suit the customer’s needs, enhancing the customizability of the aircraft.

Dassault sure kept their goal to build the business jet tailored for optimized comfort, the cabin, when flying at 41,000 feet is pressurized to the equivalent of 3,000 feet, leaving the noise factor to a minimum. Its windows are almost double the size of windows in Falcon 8X, allowing for better views during the flight.

The new Falcon 10X by Dassault is an aircraft designed keeping in mind the comfort of the crew as well. Its pilot seats are designed to fold flat, making it that one pilot can rest while the other one takes over the controls of the business jet. Its controls include touchscreens in place of analogs allowing for more convenient flying.

Dassault made the use of autonomous systems while building the business jet, as the company has claimed the Falcon 10X could respond to emergency situations on its own, it even could adjust the power output for each engine.

“Today we are introducing a new benchmark in business aviation,” says Dassault Chairman and CEO Eric Trappier. “The Falcon 10X will offer an unrivaled passenger experience over both short- and long-duration flights, along with breakthrough safety features from Dassault’s frontline fighter technology. We have optimized every aspect of the aircraft with the passenger in mind and established a new level of capability for ultra-long-range aircraft.”

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