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Dallas Wallpapers: The Capital D of Texas

Dallas wallpapers 3

If you have downloaded some Dallas wallpapers recently, you may have a sense of this impressive citys scale and architecture. Dallas, nicknamed the big D for obvious reasons, has a population of nearly 7 million people, and it makes a very exciting city to visit.

The city of Dallass geography is mostly flat. The city was founded at the location of a crossing of the Trinity River. The river was rerouted in the 1920s, and so is not same natural river as was before, but the Trinity River Project, which started in the early 2000s, is to redress this balance and bring back some of the river’s natural aesthetic. Dallass other main water feature is White Rock Lake, a reservoir built in the beginning of the last century. Dallas official climate is humid subtropical. It often has mild winters and warm summers. It has snow typically 2-4 days a year.

The building from which Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy has been converted into a historical museum devoted to the presidents’ life and legacy. Most of the famous architecture is from the modern and post-modern periods. These include Reunion Tower the JFK memorial and JPMorgan Chase tower.

About half of the people living in Dallas were born outside of Texas, so you will not be alone in being a visitor! Employment statistics are very favorable to Dallas, and it has a booming jobs market. The trendy arts area of Deep Ellum should satisfy all those seeking to see come culture. If you visit Dallas in October, an interesting thing to visit is the annual state fair, which is held in that month. The top three companies in Dallas are AT&T, Dean Foods, and Texas Instruments. Dallas also boasts more shopping malls per person than any other city in the US. Whatever the reason you visit Dallas, I think it will live up to the excitement that can be conveyed on some of the Dallas wallpapers you may have for your desktop.

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Dallas wallpapers 3


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