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Live wallpapers are used for Mobile devices that work on the Android Operating System. Kudos to Android. Live wallpapers are the animated and dynamically interactive back grounds or wallpapers for your mobile device’s home screen. The usage of these live wallpapers is very similar to the usage of most Android applications, because they make use of Mobile Network and GPS.

There are many different types of live wallpapers. One of them is the Circulux LWP application. It makes use of geometrical and incomplete circular shapes of different color combinations which the user has to input himself/ herself. The circular shapes move about animatedly. There is another application known as the City Bokeh live wallpaper application. It gives off the effect of the tiny circular bright lights that appear when a camera is out of focus and it is very beautiful.

Are you into minimal live wallpapers and into fancy geometrical shapes which are animated? Then 3-D Parallax live background is the application for you. It has three-dimensional graphics which show some beautifully animated versions of things such as cracked screens, rainy days and scenes from deep into the galaxy. The live wallpapers from the 3-D Parallax software happen to be inspired by iOS 7. So that is a plus point for Android users.

Then we have live wallpaper software, Space Colony which is a Star Wars inspired city with buildings that glow and light up. Live wallpapers are essential for users who tend to get bored of still images and find the movement of lights or geometrical shapes aesthetically satisfying. Live wallpapers are majorly also targeted towards animal, bird or fish lovers who want to see their furry friends tread within their screens. As much dream crushing as it sounds, well they’re not real (or are they).

Generally, wallpapers are the kind that excites us all, they will never get old. And if the buzz around them disappears for being the coolest wallpapers all the time, it will still exist as the coolest moving wallpapers that once existed. So, live wallpapers are an over-all good idea. It gets a big thumbs-up from all corners of the world.

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Lightning storm
Lightning storm
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It does not alienate the concept of wallpaper, while having a far more dynamic aura around them. There are a lot more genius things that can be set up as moving wallpapers, animated versions of album covers. After all, who does not want to see Lady Antebellum on their desktop screen? One would generally fancy some flower petals falling around Troye Sivan on your Personal Computers.

You could set up the best shot of your favorite sportsman in action on your desktop as your live wall- paper. Who would not like to have Ronaldo feels while working on their brand new assignment. Wallpapers indeed are mood changers and can switch it all up. Why not up your live wallpaper game by setting up wallpapers of tiny kittens and puppies scurrying around your screen. These wallpapers tend not to fail to cheer up the mood.


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