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Crazy Guy Gathers All Cardboard Boxes At Home. What He Makes Is Totally Incredible

Making models is a cool hobby. Making amazing models is an art. Replicating a Millennium Falcon from Star Wars is something so freaking cool! Reddit user trichner123 created such a model from only cardboard and well, we are absolutely amazed. Many of us accumulate cardboard boxes in our storerooms only to throw them away when we are on a cleaning spree. This guy converted these boxes into an unbelievably stunning ship model. The five-foot long model is a immaculate sight to behold. Check out the amazing process of creation and let us know what you think about this project in comments. So, Trichner is the new hunk of junk maybe?

The project kicked off with an outline of ship created from cardboard.

With patience and skill, more and more pieces were added to the structure.

The ship finally starts taking some shape over here.

Now that the ‘grey structure’ was ready, it was time to focus on finishing and detailing.

Crafting the ship’s details was a demanding task.

Have a look at this amazingly detailed exterior!

Just for comparison’s sake; you can see this model with a little model of the same ship held in a hand.

With such an awesome model, green screen shots were a must!

Looks awesome, right? Wait till you see superimposed backgrounds!

Here’s the model scaling its way into the space.

The project took 140 hours to complete, but is definitely worth it. Don’t you agree?