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Cool Video Shows How $2 Million Hypercar Is Tested For Safety

Have you ever wondered how they crash test a vehicle that costs $2 million? And what if you are making only a dozen of such vehicles every year? Quite a difficult thing to do, don’t you think? We are featuring a video from APEX ONE that answers this particular line of questioning.

The video by APEX ONE will show how the hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg has to rely on its creativity for making sure that the vehicles it is producing are safe for the owners. This is where things get interesting and amazing.

Generally, the automobile manufacturers create tens of thousands of a vehicle every month. What has this got to do with Koenigsegg? Well, such automobile manufacturers can easily afford to take some of these cars and then have them run through a wall and gauge their safety. On the other hand, automobile manufacturers such as Koenigsegg that manufacture a car every month and that too with a price tag of over a million dollar per car; executing the conventional crash tests for the production vehicles are not only stupid but financially crippling for the company.

The video by APEX ONE will show you what the automobile manufacturers such Koenigsegg do when it comes to making sure that their million dollar hypercars are safe. You can check it out in the video below. Be sure to tell us what you think of this amazing technique. Be sure to share it with your friends and family members. Remember, the automobile manufacturers opt for such creative ways of testing their cars because they cannot afford to go bankrupt by doing the crash test that the conventional car manufacturers do! Can you imagine having a $2 million dollar car being run through a wall only to gauge how safe it is? Just imagine how financially devastating it would be for the company! Alright, that is enough from us; enjoy the video from APEX ONE!