Here Are 5 Marvelous Machines That Solve Complex Problems Without Electric Power

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The digital world has led us to believe that all machines work with electricity. Is that true? Or are there some devices which do not require the presence of Electrical Power for their operation? To answer these queries, we have collected for you some marvelous tools as examples of those devices that do not require electrical power to function.

5. The planimeter

The planimeter also called the platometer is a mesmerizing instrument that measures the area of any two-dimensional solid shape no matter how crazy the solid form is. Both polar and linear planimeters are available.

Source: American Mathematical Society

4. The Heat powered fan

The heat powered fan is an amazing invention that improves the heating efficiency by 35% by moving up to 300 CFM of air. They are powered solely by the radiant heat generated by the stove using the Stirling-cycle power plant mode.

Source: Caframo Lifestyle Solutions

3. The Pendulum Clock

The pendulum clock may not sound like something special, but it is a truly marvelous piece of machinery. It uses a swinging weight as a timekeeping element. The pendulum is a harmonic oscillator that swings with a precise interval depending on its length. These clocks were used throughout the world in the 18th and the 19th century. They were considered the world’s most accurate timekeeper until 1930.

Source: Watch Collecting Lifestyle

2. Auxetophone

The Auxetophone was once an esoteric machine but is now obsolete. It amplified audio signals by compressing air. An electric motor usually powered the device, but that was not essential and could be replaced by any energy source that can compress air.

Source: PhonoJack

1. The Curta Calculator

The Curta calculator is a four function calculator powered by a hand crank. Developed by Curt Herzstark in a Nazi death camp, the calculator is considered a mechanical marvel and fits in the palm of the hand like a pepper grinder.

Source: New Atlas

Do you know other incredible machines which do not rely on Electrical Power? Comment below to let us know!


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