Company Develops Realistic Airplane Window Lamp For Grounded Travelers

This lamp will serve as a blessing for you if you are already tired and done with the pandemic and already miss those views where you stare out of an airplane’s window on your way to your next travel destination.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all in their daily lives, but traveling has been hit harder than any other activity. Last year has been more of a nightmare for those who often travel from one destination to another. But fortunately, now, there are new ways to cater to those wishes of yours where you want to have serene views of the clouds while flying away to your desired place. The new lamp about which we are talking perfectly copies the view from above the clouds.

OneRoomMaking is a South Korean home and decorations store. It is now selling an amazing LED airplane window lamp that shows the similar views travelers experience when flying in an airplane. The new lamp is built in numerous sizes to cater to more clients. Its two models are sunset and dawn, which copies and replicates the view of these two times of the day.

The sunrise window comes with warm and golden tones, whereas the sunset comes equipped with a more purplish hue. These new lamps even include an airplane wing to make it appear more realistic as you were making your way through the clouds.

The lamp is a perfect fit for those who want to enjoy the amazing views when taking a flight, and also for those who want to fake it on their social media that they took a flight to someplace, it really is that really that anyone would buy the fake Instagram story.

Prices for the innovative lamp begin at 48,000 won ($43,00), but it has a 30% discount on the OneRoomMaking website right now.

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