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Comcast Now Allows You To Set Internet Time Limits For Your Child’s Devices

Comcast recently announced a new parental control feature for the xFinity xFi WiFi dashboard. This latest parental control by Comcast can do much more than just set limits for the apps being used by your kids. Using this feature, you can allocate a specific amount of time that your child gets to spend online.

Once this predetermined time is over, all devices that are associated with your child’s profile are disconnected from your WiFi network. Although an older and resourceful kid might be able to find a way to work around this, that is the case for most of the parental control products. We all know parents that can benefit greatly from this particular feature by Comcast.

So, how do you do it? In order to set the limitations; go the main xFi page by using the app or website. Once you are there, select the child’s profile that you want to apply a time limit to, and then click on Edit next to Active Time Limit. Now you will choose between Weekdays or Weekends for specifying the days that you wish to monitor. You can set any number of hours that you feel is right for your household. Your home internet will be stopped for all of the child’s devices once the allocated time is over.

You can un-pause the time limit or set a new time limit whenever you feel like doing so, thus allowing you to remain flexible in your schedule. David Puckett, Vice President of xFi and Digital Security Product Management, said, ‘Xfinity xFi was designed to provide simple tools to help our customers see and control all the things connected to their home WiFi network. As a dad with four kids, I know how hard it can be to keep tabs on how long everyone has been online every day, especially during the summer. This latest feature is a great way for parents to manage their children’s screen time better.’

What do you think of this amazing parental control feature by Comcast?