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Would You Like To Eat An Unmeltable Ice-Cream? Here Is The Good News

Credits: Gastronaut Ice Cream Kickstarter Page

What if there is an ice-cream that you can enjoy on a hot summer day, and it does not even melt? You won’t have to like it constantly or worry about the ice-cream dripping on your hands or clothes. Enter Gastronaut Ice Cream that never melts.

Rob Collington is 34 years old and is a founder of Gastronaut Ice Cream. He loved the Astronaut Ice Cream that is a freeze-dried ice cream available at space museums across the US. The ice cream didn’t taste that good because it was made from artificial and cheap ingredients. The upside? It does not melt no matter how hot the day is.

Credits: Gastronaut Ice Cream Kickstarter Page

Collington did a lot of research and gained the know-how of ice cream to create Gastronaut Ice Cream. It is a better version of Astronaut Ice Cream that is made by freeze-drying “super-premium organic ice cream.” How does it work? Well, first you freeze the ice cream, and then you create a powerful vacuum. Next, you provide heat that turns frozen liquid into vapors.


Credits: Gastronaut Ice Cream Kickstarter Page

Check out the Gastronaut ice cream Kickstarter page for more details. The ice cream is currently launched in US only, but Collington plans on expanding it at international level soon.

Currently, the Gastronaut ice cream offers three flavors.

“Anybody that appreciates quality food made with quality ingredients would enjoy Gastronaut Ice Cream,” Collington said. “When people try it – at first they like it, then they love it, then they become addicted.”


Credits: Gastronaut Ice Cream Kickstarter Page

So what are you waiting for? Get the melt-proof ice cream and enjoy your dessert without worrying about dripping anymore! Watch the video below for more details.

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