Scientists Finally Develop Slow Melting Ice Cream

slow melting ice cream2

How many times have you seen your delicious double decker raspberry plunge into the ground due to excessive melting? Dozens at least! It is fair to say that when it does, a little bit of you bites the dust along with it. So, every time you are out on the street in hot weather, you are forced to eat fast or else the ice cream part will fall off from the cone. However, with the invention of the new protein named BsIF, your ice cream will melt slowly so that you can savour one of the perfect delights of life!

A combined research team from Dundee and Edinburg University has found that the naturally occurring protein can allow the frozen delicacy to withstand warmer temperatures and thus it will be able to melt slowly. This means that you won’t be forced to “bite off more than you can gulp down” just to prevent it from falling apart. In an experiment aimed at finding the extent of its good ice cream properties, they mixed the protein with the ice cream.

slow melting ice cream

They also discovered that its molecules bound together with fat, air and water particles to create a more thermally stable mixture at normal temperature ranges. Not only that, but it also prevents the formation of icy crystals both inside and outside of the cone itself so that overall, the ice cream gives a great, smooth experience.

Now how to manufacture the protein for mass production, they have turned to basic genetic engineering and claimed that they would soon be able to produce it through friendly bacteria just like Insulin is made. They are optimistic that this new formula will hit the market within three to four years. Well, we can’t wait three summers for this! That’s about 300 ice creams I’ll have to eat fast!

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