Clean Your Foggy Headlights With This Amazing Trick

Clean foggy lights DIY

The Foggy exterior not only affects the performance of the headlights, but it also gives a worn out appearance of your otherwise well-maintained car. The problem is that those cloudy stains are never easy to remove and rubbing hard scratches the glass itself. So, instead of recommending an expensive car wash, here we will present you with an awesome do-it-yourself process to adequately clean the headlights back to new.

Follow these steps to make it work:

Tape away the corners of the headlights and take a water-filled spray and 400-grit sandpaper.

Clean foggy lights DIY

Due to the effective lubrication of water, there are no scratches due to the rubbing of the sand paper.

Clean foggy lights DIY2

Repeat this process with both the 600 and 2,000 grit sandpaper. Now your headlights will be pretty clear.

Clean foggy lights DIY3

When the glass has been cleaned, rub a lint-free paper towel with some alcohol.

Clean foggy lights DIY4

Now you need to apply some clearcoat, but before you do that, the car needs to be covered with garbage bags to stop the spray from getting into your paint job. Use scissors to cut the garbage bags.

Clean foggy lights DIY5

Now tape the plastics around the edges to prevent any dripping.

Clean foggy lights DIY6

Give a final cleaning with the help of alcohol.

Clean foggy lights DIY7

Now apply the clearcoat, in thin, steady sprays. When you have put on one coat, wait for five minutes and coat again. Apply three coats in total.

Clean foggy lights DIY8

Now give the headlights a full day to dry. If the coat has some unevenness, you can use 2,000 grit sandpaper to even it out.

Give some final touches with the help of a car wax.

Clean foggy lights DIY10

Watch the entire tutorial video here:




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  1. Z Reply

    DO NOT USE SAND PAPER – water or not!! It will ruin the headlights more than likely.

    I clean headlight for a living, and have seen thousands of them damaged from people using sand paper.

    Least expensive way to do a great job without getting professional help – toothpaste!!! Yup – it works pretty good & it’s a one step process – apply to a towel & rub til it’s dry, then just wipe off and rub clear – works like a charm.
    No need to use sand paper & other overly complicated ways – absolutely unnecessary!

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