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Chinese Man Literally Broke The Internet To Prevent Embarrassing Photo From Leaking Online

A Chinese man identified only as Liu knows the consequences of having embarrassing photos online. Thus, fearing the worst, he went as far as destroying the internet infrastructure in his neighbourhood to keep his neighbours from posting some hilariously awkward images of his dancing on the web.


Image Source: The Nanfang


The event was reported in Shandong province of China. Liu had recently come to Weifang in search of a job. He attended a square dance where the middle-aged women usually dance. However, this didn’t bother him the least as he continued to show off his dance antics on the stage, or until he noticed the bystanders laughing and capturing his video on their phones.

Liu immediately left the event, but he was continuously haunted by the thought of someone posting his embarrassing video and images online. He destroyed four optical cable network receivers while out on an evening walk in June. The cost of damage was estimated to be 100,000 Yuan.


Image Source: The Nanfang


Ultimately, the authorities caught up with him, and he reenacted the whole crime.

The interesting thing is that his photos and videos did not end up online. Maybe, his neighbours were much busier their own life than Liu thought.

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