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This Video Shows A Day In The Life Of A MIT Student

MIT life

Ever wondered what a day in the life of an MIT student would look like? It’s every engineer’s dream to land a place at MIT, but only a few are lucky enough actually to make it! Maybe you too are one of the million of high school students aspiring to build a good enough profile to get an admission, or maybe you are looking to progress your studies at the prestigious Institute. Whatever it is, this video by Crimson Education will help you live a day at the illustrious and august institute.

The video breaks a lot of stereotypes that only geeks and nerds with retainers and pocket calculators would be roaming around the campus and that the entire life revolves around equations and numbers. On the contrary, the student interviewed in the video explains how the campus is always brimming with life, color, art, and music. The diversity of culture and activities are something to behold as well.

And of course, there’s a detailed discussion on how MIT’s educational programs are above and beyond every other institute in the world. How they focus on learning by doing and allow their students the freedom to think for themselves. Enough reading, time to watch and enjoy the video.

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