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Chinese Go Too Far In Cost Cutting By Painting Fake Windows On Skyscrapers

Civil engineers keep coming up with wonderful and amazing engineering products. One of the main factors that they need to consider is cost efficiency of the particular project. How to save materials and how to utilize them smartly are very important. However, no one saw this coming.
In China, new apartment complex has been constructed in the city of Qingdao and is being mentioned in news these days because of its peculiar nature. Why? Because to cut down costs they have removed the windows and now all that you’re left with is a painting of a window on the outside and a wall behind it.

Looking at the building from a distance will make you believe that these windows are real. However, if you’re standing close enough one can easily tell that the window has been painted. China is advancing and the price of living in China is increasing as well. Government had to take action and it chose to construct apartment complexes in order to provide homes to its citizens. This is also a step which the government has taken towards urbanization. There is a high demand for low cost residences in the city and these particular apartments were constructed to meet that need. However, windows have been left out to save some more money.

We believe that although being peculiar this idea won’t kick off since living in apartments such as these, one craves for sunlight and fresh air. Then there’s also the habit of looking out of one’s window and we think people living in those apartments will get bored of seeing the wall over and over again.What do you think of this new trend in China? Tell us in comments!