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These Are Some Of The Ugliest Houses In Belgium

Hannes Coudenys started an Instagram in 2012 as a way to highlight the Belgian houses that stand out from the crowd. The reason why Belgian houses are so weird is because of the relaxed regulations. Check out the list below and let us know what you think of it;

1. This is the house of the biggest Avatar fan and like the movie; it sucks!

2. Make that single pyramid two and boom!

3. The house is inspired by the alphabet ‘L’.

4. Would you prefer living in a house that resembled a cat’s face?

5. Welcome to the home without fresh air and vitamin D thanks to lack of windows!

6. While rustic might appeal to some folks; this house is taking it to an unprecedented level!

7. Ummm.. is it just us or does the house seem incomplete?

8. Check out the house with every kind of window in it!

9. We will build a castle but make sure that it is unappealing to the highest of order. Painting the doors red was probably an afterthought.

10. Roof or a jetted bathtub? Guess which one got more votes?

11. This house is almost ready for lift off!

12. Do you love smacking your head into the walls all the time? Welcome to the triangle house with skylights!

13. Wait; what? That’s a lot of tray table space at the expense of windows.

14. What’s with the bizarre trapezoid windows?

15. It seems like the architect was a big fan of runways.

16. This home was probably built so that it would stand out from the crowd!

17. This house took care of the natural light and features a phallic mail box.

18. The house on the left won’t have to worry about sunlight interfering with daytime naps!

19. Wow, that is some ingenuity right there!

20. This house is screaming that something ain’t right!

21. Is this a Foot Locker? A Sephora? Or a NASCAR clubhouse?

22. Never have a designer draw plans when the said designer is hungry.

23. Mirror image houses are a thing now?

24. Shaking my head…

25. Belgians are patriots, what can we say?