Microsoft Will Be Killing Support For Windows 7 In A Year

Microsoft Will Be Killing Support For Windows 7 In A Year!

Windows 7 users, beware! Microsoft has released a statement saying that the tech titan will no longer support Windows 7 after 14th January 2020. That is to say that the company will stop providing the security updates and support for the systems that are running Windows 7. Microsoft suggests that the users move to Windows 10.

Microsoft Will Be Killing Support For Windows 7 In A Year!

Brad Anderson, corporate vice president for Microsoft 365, says, ‘With Windows 7 end of support coming in one year—January 14, 2020—and Office 2010 close behind, there’s an opportunity right now to be proactive about what’s next. Changes and upgrades in technology are inevitable, and there’s never been a better time to start putting in motion the things you need to do to shift your organization to a modern desktop with Microsoft 365.’

Microsoft released Windows 7 back in 2009, and it has reigned supreme for many years. A high number of users used Windows 7 for their desktop operating systems. Microsoft has been considering killing it off for quite some time now. It was decided back in 2012 that the company will extend support for another five years before ending it.

Microsoft users were already prepared for the fact that no new features will be coming to their Windows 7. However, now they have to consider the security lapses and will be forced to move on to Windows 10. As of now, Windows 7 makes up for 42.8% of the PC operating systems. Microsoft will not be supporting any installation of Windows as far as consumers go. It will provide extended support to enterprise users, but the cost is too high.

According to Anderson, one of the essential reasons for switching to Windows 10 is, ‘Right now; security concerns are the top reason organizations are making the shift to a modern desktop. Putting the right technology in the hands of users can prevent some of the most common security threats, such as compromised credentials.’

Microsoft Will Be Killing Support For Windows 7 In A Year!

While we are saddened by the news of Win 7 finally hanging its gloves; we must strive for betterment, and this decision will cause the Windows 7 users to move to a better and more secure version of Windows. The fact that the move will be forced is but a small price to pay for the many benefits that Windows 10 has to offer to its users. 

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