Chinese Dad Builds A Custom Safety Pod To Protect His Baby From Coronavirus

A Chinese Dad Builds A Custom Safety Pod For His Son

A young Chinese dad spent almost thirty days trying to convert a cat carrier backpack into a safety pod for his child. As per his claims, the invention allows him to keep his child safe from infection while pumping purified air into the pod using an electronic fan system.

A Chinese Dad Builds A Custom Safety Pod For His Son

Meet Cao Junjie – a 30 years old dad – who is a tech-savvy guy living in Shanghai China. He wanted to create something that would enable him and his wife, Fang, to take their two-month-old baby out for walks without having to worry about coronavirus. The parents didn’t want to take any chance with their son and thus Junjie got to work. His solution was inspired by Hideo Kojima’s latest video game – Death Stranding. He created a carrier pod that was completely isolated from the outside.

A Chinese Dad Builds A Custom Safety Pod For His Son

The custom safety pod built by Cao Junjie comes with a variety of features including built-in rubber gloves that can prevent direct skin contact. It also has an electronic fan system incorporated into it that is capable of pumping fresh and purified air into it. Cao has also added a digital monitor that can continuously ascertain the quality of the air that is inside the pod.

The Chinese genius behind this safety pod said, ‘It can offer a totally isolated environment when going out. It can provide a safe and comfortable environment for the baby. The mask can affect his breathing, so it’s dangerous.’ The couple has put the safety pod to test multiple times and claims that it has worked as was their intention. They have said that it helps them offer a high level of protection for their baby.

The couple even posted a video that shows how Cao places his son into the custom-built safety pod and then takes him out for a walk. The baby spends most of the time taking a nap but there is no way to know for sure that the safety pod is working as has been described by its inventor. Cao Junjie said, ‘Because I like scientific movies and video games, the structure of the safety cabin is similar to that featured in the video game Death Stranding, I copied the character in the game.’

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