Chinese Couple Spends Over $30,000 To Buy The Most Epic Transformers Collection

Zhang Wei Transformers Collection 2

Transformers sure are famous, in fact they are so famous that many people have attempted at creating replicas and what not. However, today we will talk about a couple that has a hobby of collecting Transformers models. Meet Zhang Wei who is a retired soldier from Qingdao city, China’s Shandong Province. The 38 year old Transformers fan started building his collection back in 2002 and this didn’t stop even after he got married. Today the couple has a collection that is composed of 380 models and is worth $32,000.Zhang Wei Transformers Collection 3

The collection has all the famous characters; Optimus Prime, Megatron, Metroplex, Bumblebee and many others. The collection is arranged and displayed on shelves that have been affixed to his living room’s walls. He enjoys dismantling the models and assembling them again. He says; ‘I had a few of them years ago and was fascinated by the way they switched between being a robot and then into something else like a car or plane, and that interest really developed after I left work and had more time on my hands. I started to speak to other collectors and really build up my own set, and I’m really lucky that my wife supports me.’Zhang Wei Transformers Collection 5Zhang Wei Transformers Collection 4

Despite the high amount already spent on the collection, the couple has no plans to stop and say; ‘If the economic conditions permit, one doesn’t need to consider the cost of a hobby.’ The pictures of the collection have gone viral and a lot of people have commented stating that he is lucky for his wife being so supportive whereas some users suggested that the collection may be in jeopardy once they have children.Zhang Wei Transformers Collection 6 Zhang Wei Transformers Collection

Zhang Tsai, 33 years old and Zhang’s wife says; ‘I don’t know about support, but certainly when it comes to hobbies, there are a lot worse things that he could do to pass the time. When the shelves went up and I saw them all round the living room I thought it was a bit creepy – but you get used to them, even if it’s a pain when it comes to dusting.’

Passion surely knows no bounds, don’t you agree?

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