Check Out These Amazing Industrial Processes In Simple Animations

Many times we find ourselves wondering how a particular item was made or how a particular machine works. We decided to compile a post that explains the making of various items and working of different machines via Gifs.

Ice cream Sandwiches 1. Ice cream sandwiches

Springs 2. Springs being made

Pencils 3. Pencils being sharpened

Mold formation4. Mold forming

Bread dough 5. Bread dough

Drilling Holes in metal6. How holes are drilled in metal

Trombones 7. Trombones being made

CDs 9. CDs being made

Popcorn popping10. Popcorn popping

Fences11. How fences are made

Shaping Iron12. Iron being shaped

Making Gloves13. Gloves being made

Making a hot dog14. making a hot dog

The making of a dart15. The making of a dart

A knuckleball in slow motion16. A knuckleball in slow motion

Working of Keys17. How keys work

Radial EnginesRadial Engines

Steam engine PrincipleSteam engine Principle

Sewing MachineSewing Machine

Maltese Cross MechanismMaltese Cross Mechanism

Manual Transmission MechanismManual Transmission Mechanism

Constant Velocity JointConstant Velocity Joint

Torpedo-Boat destroyer SystemTorpedo-Boat destroyer System

Rotary EngineRotary Engine2 Rotary Engine

Finally, a video

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