Chinese Company Unveils A New Electric Skateboard With Only Two Wheels


Two-wheeled skateboards have been “the thing” for quite some time now, the reason being that they allow tighter turning angles, meaning the riders can really let ’em rip when turning. And although learning to balance is certainly a difficult task, it might be worth it when you get to know about the latest state of the art two-wheeled skateboard called the Yiiboard.

From the outside, it might seem just an ordinary two-wheeled skateboard, but on a closer look, you’ll notice that its Chinese manufacturer Yiimix has added a 400 Watt brushless hub motor in its rear wheel, meaning the stake boarding experience is about to reach heights never heard of before. This 13-lb (6-kg) platform has a swivelling front wheel, just like that of a shopping cart, and the rear wheel being driven by a powerful motor.

(Credit: Yiimix)
(Credit: Yiimix)

The motor is powered using a Panasonic lithium-ion battery pack, which is placed in the aluminium alloy deck. The battery is designed to work for at least 3-4 hour on a single charge, meaning with its awesome top speed of 12 mph (19 km/h), the board can go about 18 miles (29 km) before running out of steam.

The amazing board can also carry a payload of 331 lb (150 kg), which means you can carry a lot of stuff with you while you ride this powerful skateboard. The riders are given complete control over the motor via a wireless handheld remote. The remote’s slider can be tilted forward to make it go faster and pulled back to halt it. The skateboard even as a rear wheel energy recovery braking system, meaning as you slow down the battery recharges itself.

(Credit: Yiimix)
(Credit: Yiimix)

You can actually take it as a small motorised vehicle of sorts, and the two LED headlights in the front, and brake lights in the back help in making it look like one. More details can be seen on the company’s Indiegogo campaign, with pledges starting from US$359. The planned retail price is $499.

Watch the awesome Yiiboard in action below!

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