China’s Crazy Smog Sucking Vacuum Tower Is Actually Working


The famous Studio Roosegaarde‘s smog-sucking vacuum tower has been making headlines for quite some time now. And it seems as though the technology is working after all, as the Smog Free Tower set up in Beijing, a city notorious for its air pollution, has made the air 55 percent clearer than it was before,  according to a statement made by the country’s Ministry of Environmental Protection. 

Studio Roosegaarde, the creator of the concept, says that the tower has sucked up billions of PM2.5 fine particles from 30 million metre cube of air in just 41 days, helping alleviate the smog crisis in the city.

Pic Credits: inhabitat
Pic Credits: inhabitat

The amount of air cleaned up is equal to the volume of 10 Beijing National Stadiums, and it has been so popular that Chinese people have started referring to the tower as a “clean air temple”.

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The amazing feats of the tower don’t just end here, the sucked up smog particles by the Smog Free Tower are used to create 300 exclusive Smog Free Diamond Rings, just like the ones in the past.

Pic Credits: inhabitat
Pic Credits: inhabitat

Daan Roosegaarde’s mission cleanup started when he took a trip to Beijing around three years ago and noticed people and lives being thwarted due to the poor air quality. According to Studio Roosegaarde, “over 80 percent of people dwelling in urban places are exposed to air-quality levels that exceed World Health Organisation limits.”

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      It is possible to fit a small vacuum in the car. However the problem is what will hold the collected smog.?

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