Burj Khalifa Will Now House The Largest LED Screen In The World


Burj Khalifa tops the skyscrapers around the world at 2722 feet. Now, the tallest building in the world also doubles as the world’s largest LED screen!


Image Source: Burj Khalifa


The work on the construction of Burj Khalifa wrapped up in 2010. However, the LED screen project did not start until 2014. The world’s largest LED now serves as the façade of the building! The huge 33000-square-feet screen was completed last year.


Image Source: Burj Khalifa


Bashar Kassab, the Director of the technical services at Burj Al-Khalifa explained the difficulties encountered, and overcome, during this project:

“One of the challenges we had was limited access points to reach the exterior of the façade, so we had to open some portions.”


Image Source: Burj Khalifa


The opened up portions of the facade were so small that the engineers had to crawl out through the small window openings and suspend thousands of feet above the streets in Dubai, as they worked on the massive LED screen. Engineers at work on the world’s largest LED screen are shown in the video below:



If the footage gave you chills, listen to what Kris Vloemans, the senior project manager, has to say about it:

“We’d face sandstorms, rain, and heavy wind, so quite often we had to wait until we had a good slot in terms of wind to go out and do the installation.”


Image Source: Burj Khalifa


The world’s largest LED screen is a testament to human perseverance and innovation.

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