China Has Released Some Beautiful Images Of The Mars Surface Taken By A Rover – See Them Here

Mars has always been the most fascinating planet for space enthusiasts due to the very small possibility that maybe humans could colonize it one day. For the last couple of decades, advanced studies and research have been carried out to provide more information and insight about the topic.

Countries like the USA, China, and Russia have leading space organizations that are working relentlessly on retrieving more information about planets like Mars that can be colonized or that show signs of life. For this purpose, they are continuously updating their machines and making new ones.

Recently, China sent two of its smart and efficient machines to the surface of the planet Mars. The results of what they found there are mesmerizing and have left all the space enthusiasts fascinated by its alluring topography.

The country’s Zhurong rover was sent on mars 100 earth days before. It has been traversing the area ever since. In order to commemorate these successful 100 years, China decided to make the journey of the rover public and let the world admire the beauty of the planet that the rover witnessed ever since the Tianwen-1 orbiter dropped the rover there. It was reported by the South China Morning Post.

The images are from last Tuesday and closely looking, one is able to identify the marks of the tire of the rover on the surface. The rover and orbiter are both said to be in good condition as told by a state-run news agency Xinhua.

Ever since it was released, the rover has traveled 1064 meters on mars. The area is explored is believed to be an old seabed and the land belonging to the southern end called the Utopia Planitia, a massive plain in the planet’s northern hemisphere. The rover is supposed to have severed contact with the earth as the sun will soon come between mars and the earth, cutting off signals.

China becomes the third country to successfully launch a rover like this on Mars now. It is competing well with the USA and Russia. It is even expected to surpass NASA’s landings on mars altogether with more investment.

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