This Intricate Table Clock Costs Over $50,000 – Because It Looks Like A Robot

Watchmaker MB&F is a creative rebel in the world of traditional watchmaking, exhibiting the highest craftsmanship with futuristic designs since 2005. This time, the company has left the world in awe with its latest clock table that looks like it could be a personal robot assistant, a report from Luxury Launches details.

The company has launched a series of eight unique watches inspired by Jules Verne. In addition, MB&F has collaborated with storied Swiss watchmaker L’Epée to make the latest in its series of innovative table clocks, such as MB&F x L’Epée 1839 Balthazar Table Clock.

The design of the table clock resembles a robot. But, unfortunately, the luxurious table clock comes with a heavy price of $57,750. I wonder how MB&F and L’Epée would justify such a hefty price tag for a table clock.

But as the old saying goes, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” So clock or watch enthusiasts might be ecstatic with the company’s latest machinery displayed on both sides of the robot clock. In case you’re wondering what would happen if one of these robot-inspired clocks are smashed. It would break into 405 components and 62 jewels.

When looking at its decorative details, you will see the clock’s “bright side”, recognized by the robot’s smiling expression. It uses double retrograde seconds dials for eyes and hour and minute dials on its chest. The robot also has a “dark side,” featuring a dual-hemisphere moon phase indicator as well as a hidden winding key. The main body is made out of palladium-plated polished brass.

The MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser named the machine Balthazar. On the company’s website, he explained how “in the Büsser family, for over five centuries from the 1400s onwards, every eldest Büsser son was either called Melchior or Balthazar. It alternated. My grandfather was called Melchior and hated it, so he had everybody call him Max, which is how I became a Max. My grandfather hated the Melchior-Balthazar thing so much that he put an end to this 500-year-old tradition by calling my father Mario… Now, a century later, I happen to love the names, Melchior and Balthazar!”

The luxurious Balthazar is 39.4 cm high and 23.8 cm wide and will be released as a limited edition with only 50 examples to be made in Switzerland. Undoubtedly this robot-inspired clock is one of a kind, but what if one saves a little more and might as well buy the Boston Dynamics Spot robot worth $74,500— as it would tell you the time and bring you a drink simultaneously.  

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