China Has Claimed A New ‘Revolutionary Breakthrough’ In Cooling Power Plants

China achieved a breakthrough in power plant cooling technology as the world’s first plant with a “natural direct cooling” (NDC) system connected to grid on Friday.

The system, touted as a revolution in industrial air cooling, uses natural airflow in the plant to guide heat to the air condenser.

According to an explanation issued by PowerChina Northwest, the technology’s developer, the NDC system does not need any fans to create airflow, saving electricity and minimizing noise.

In addition, unlike indirect cooling systems, the NDC system does not require water pumps, according to PowerChina Northwest.

“The NDC system combined the advantages of both air-cooling and indirect cooling systems,” said the Shaanxi-based company.

According to a China Media Group report, with the technology in place, the Yanghuopan Power Station in Shaanxi’s Yulin City can save 24,500 tonnes of coal and save 54,100 tonnes of carbon emissions each year (CMG).

CMG also claimed that the plant emits virtually no smoke, sulfur dioxide, or nitrogen oxide.

The power plant has a yearly capacity of 660 gigatons and will help to alleviate central China’s power scarcity.

According to local news outlets, the NDC technology has been designated national-level vital technological equipment.

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