Check Out This Luxury Yacht Which Can Be Controlled Via iPad

Adastra 5

Today’s post is about what a billionaire did with his money and you would be surprised to see the result. Meet Anton Marden, who is a billionaire and a successful businessman based in Hong Kong.
IFThis guy recently got a yacht designed named ‘Th’ and the amazing part about this yacht is the fact that it can be controlled via Anton Marden’s iPad. The design of this yacht makes it look like an outer space vehicle. In fact, the design is so stunning that it is hard to believe that the yacht is real and not just a concept being shown off.

Adastra 6The yacht costs $15 million and resembles a concord plane. The designer behind this feat is yacht specialist by the name of John Shuttleworth. The yacht has a futuristic design and a contact surface area of 20 % with the water, which allows the yacht to travel at efficient speeds and provide fuel consumption that is quite good; 10,000 miles at 10.5 knots. The yacht has a fuel capacity of 30,000 liters of fuel and is powered by a Caterpillar C18-1150 hp engine.

Adastra 4As expected from this design; it has already won a number of awards owing to its futuristic design and the technology which accompanies it. It won the Most Innovative Design at the 2013 World Superyacht Awards and has won three prizes at the Show Boats Design Awards in Monaco which included the Best Naval Architecture award.

IFThe designer, John Shuttleworth, said; ‘The superyacht industry is pretty traditional. But the establishment has given a ‘yes’ to this idea which is a huge step forward. Inevitably, there has to be a trend for reducing fuel consumption and I think superyachts will have to look something like this in the future. Initially I don’t think economics will drive it — these are wealthy owners and cost isn’t an issue. Instead, it will be from an ethical, environmental point of view.’

Adastra 2As expected from such yachts, this particular one comes equipped with a lounge, saloon, kitchen and an open air bar. If only we were a billionaires, we would have loved to get our hands on this. Check out the youtube video for more:


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