37 Programmer Code Wallpaper Backgrounds Free Download

code wallpaper 38

Here are some amazing programmer code wallpaper and backgrounds that you can download for free. These code wallpapers are ideal if you are spending time writing code. The code wallpapers will sometimes make you smile and sometimes will inspire you to write the next big code.

To download any of these programmer code wallpaper , simply click on the background below.


My Happiness code


The geeky wallpaper


The Windows code wallpaper


The command list wallpaper


Source Coding


The command list wallpaper


The power of passion


The code particle


The V for Vendetta source code


The world of the hacker, codes are their weapon

code wallpaper 14

Gamers program coding wallpaper

code wallpaper 15

#source code anime girl wallpaper

code wallpaper 16

There can only be one

code wallpaper 17

Difficult code

code wallpaper 18

The raining information wallpaper

code wallpaper 19

Start coding

code wallpaper 20

The lonely program coder

code wallpaper 21

The Microsoft Visual Studio Quote

code wallpaper 22

The power button code

???? Vol.74 ?21????????

Coding on process

code wallpaper 24

The Matrix program

code wallpaper 25

It is my freedom to code

code wallpaper 26

The unknown program

code wallpaper 27

The 3D human coding wallpaper

code wallpaper 28

The Matrix wallpaper

code wallpaper 29

Information tunnel wallpaper

code wallpaper 30

Coding is life wallpaper

code wallpaper 31

The source code program wallpaper

code wallpaper 32
code wallpaper 33

The chips wallpaper

code wallpaper 34

The Microsoft Visual Studio Wallpaper

code wallpaper 35

The Server wallpaper

code wallpaper 37
code wallpaper 38

The mother board wallpaper

code wallpaper

The blueprint wallpaper

code wallpaper

Think Twice, Code Once! One wrong number and everything falls


  1. Jurek Reply

    No memory leaks, it’s a language where garbage collector was already invented ;D

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Btw, you should know that any real programmer would laugh at the first image. The defined “int happiness”, then later “happiness = INFINITY”. For one, its the word infinity, which is a string so you’re going to get an error. Secondly, its Infinity is not a real number, it is an idea. An idea of something without an end. Infinity cannot be measured. Needless to say, whoever created that image is not a programmer, and if you are a programmer you should not use that image…

    • Anonymous Reply

      It’s nothing compare to the fact, that function UpdateDesktop (!) creates a new desktop (!) in the heap, assigns “happiness” to it and loses the pointer to the dynamic memory, which leads to memory leaks. But nevermind.

      • Jurek Reply

        No memory leaks, it’s C# or Java (didn’t code in those some time), so garbage collector takes care of that stuff.
        But nevermind ;D

    • rmk Reply

      Inifinity exists. In java you can do Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY. It also exists natively in a lot of language. Also, INFINITY is not a string. A string is surrounded by quotes. It’s a constant. And every programmer will not laugh at the image just because there is mistakes in a picture, they will look at the message instead of these useless details.

    • Hari Krishnan Reply

      I’m afraid you’re wrong on that.
      INFINITY(notice the absence on quotes) is a constant of type int, which has the largest value a int can take in that language.
      There is nothing wrong with the peace of code.

    • Anonymous Reply

      Well it’s not truly there to be factual, correct, or likely, but maybe there to look at for it’s meaning, but of course remind you of the nature of code

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